Temple Bar Pubs - Vat House Bar

The VAT house Bar in Temple Bar is a traditional Irish Pub, which gets its name from the vat house in the Guinness Brewery, St. James Gate Dublin. During the final stage of the brewing process Guinness is stored in large copper vats and left to mature, thereby allowing the flavour to develop.

The interior of the VAT House Bar reflects this maturing and developing process. The timber floors are pitch pine, mahogany, and oak. These were salvaged from the original vat houses in the St. James Gate Brewery. The elegant brickwork and cobble floors mirror the streets of Temple Bar itself.

The VAT House Bar offers traditional Irish dishes as well as several international favourites. A very good selection of wines and huge choice of Irish whiskeys, scotch and spirits are also available.

Evenings, things liven up at the VAT House. You could be lucky enough to witness a spontaneous Irish music session where locals and visitors alike join in the fun.

No trip to Dublin is complete without sampling the atmosphere and excitement of Temple Bar and a trip to Temple Bar is incomplete without a visit to the VAT House Bar. So come along and enjoy the fun and be sure to try the Guinness, it’s the very best in town.