Directions for the Blooms Temple Bar Hotel Dublin

Transport from Dublin Airport to Temple Bar

To view a printable layout of Dublin Airport arrivals so you can see where the bus services, taxi rank and car rental companies are located please click here [PDF 446 KB - may take a minute to download if on a slow connection].

Bus Services to Temple Bar

There are regular bus services running from Dublin Airport to the city centre. All are available directly outside Dublin Airport once you leave arrivals. The journey can take 30-35 minutes. A single passenger can expect to pay €7 euro for a ticket. For full list of buses available please visit DUBLIN BUS WEBSITE.

There is also a private bus company Aircoach which runs a regular service from the Airport to the city centre. It will also stop in teh city centre. To view their services please click here.

Taxi Services from Dublin Airport to Temple Bar

Taxi services are available from outside Dublin Airport. The price for a taxi will range depending on passenger numbers, time of day, and day of the week. Taxi's in Ireland cost more between 8pm and 8am, than during the day. They also cost more on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The journey to and from the airport by taxi, typically costs between €25 and €36, depending on the above, traffic etc.

Car Rental

A large range of car rental companies operate stands within Dublin Airport. They will be happy to give you detailed directions on the best route into town depending on the time of arrival. Their prices range depending on size of vechicle required. during summer months, it is advisabel to book in advance.